St. Vincent de Paul is a cohesive model of evangelization and discipleship for 7th-12th grade teens. We are carrying out the mission and charisms of St. Vincent, to reach the poor and preach the Gospel, in order to raise up God’s young Church. We build the youth of our parish into a Young Church community of disciples by reaching the poor of our community and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this specifically through encountercommunitydiscipleship, and outreach.

WINTER LOCK-IN (9th-12th)

We have our high school Winter Lock-in coming up! (See event graphic) We’re bringing in a live band, archery tag and more! You can register online HERE and you’ll need to fill out our Diocesan Form A and Form B. Please include my email (gro.ccpdvsnull@zerreitugn) in the Form A & B and it will auto send me a confirmation email. Please submit payment and forms by Dec. 12th.

High School Night (9th-12th)

Sundays, 630-8PM in the basement. Kickoff October 8th! See Fall Calendar for dates


Middle School Night (7th-8th)

Wednesdays, 630-8PM in the basement. Kickoff October 4th! See Fall Calendar for dates


Confirmation 2017-2018

Confirmation Packet 2017-2018 (Available upon request)

Retreat Forms (A, B, Pines Form):


Retreat Packing List

All students are required to arrive in the Church Basement for check-in and pizza at 5:00PM on Friday, November 10th. Bus departs SVDP at 6:00PM and returns to SVDP  parking lot by 2:30PM on Sunday, November 12th.

Retreat Site Info

Join Our Core Team!

What’s a Core Team Member? Core Team Handbook

The Core Team is an extension of the Youth Minister. I firmly believe that if you interact with a teen on a daily basis – you ARE a youth minister. Core Team is the “core” of the youth department. There would be no ministry with them.

Duties entail:

  • Leading and Mentoring teens weekly in the context of Small Group
  • Sharing your Testimony/Witness (How God has worked in your life)
  • Giving Talks
  • Leading Games
  • Leading the flow of the night



Service Events!

Fall Festival (10/27-29) – Contact the Parish Office

Las Posadas (12/1) – Contact ten.labolgcbsnull@094nanrehl

Spirit of Hope (12/14-15) – Contact ten.hsalfnull@camyttap

Christmas Concert (12/17) – Contact gro.ccpdvsnull@liekk


Nic Gutierrez

Director of Youth Evangelization & Discipleship




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