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Registration – Next class begins Jan 15 at 10am call 817-478-8206 ext 204 for more information

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults form

Who is it for?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process in which unbaptized adults and/or adults who are already joined to us through Baptism in another faith tradition are instructed and integrated into our Catholic community

We also invite baptized Catholics who have not celebrated the sacraments of Eucharist and/or Confirmation

What is it?

  • A process for bringing new members into the church
  • People coming together on Monday evenings from all different faith traditions as well as the unbaptized seeking to find a spiritual home
  • A faith journey shared with other inquirers and members of St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
  • A process of gatherings, catechesis, Scripture sharing, prayer and rituals that offer information, guidance and support in your search for a deeper relationship with God lived out through the Catholic Church
  • The beginning of a life-long journey

What does the process look like?

There are four periods with three stages linked to rituals, as follows:

PERIODS Inquiry, Catechumenate, Purification & Enlightenment and Mystagogia

RITUALS Rite of Acceptance/Rite of Welcome, Rite of Election/Call to Continuing Conversion,  Sacraments of Initiation/Rite of Acceptance into Full Communion

The liturgical rites act as thresholds, i.e., they celebrate what has taken place in the life of the participants, and look ahead to the next period.

How do I get started?
Begin with a phone call to Marilyn Dietrich, Director Adult Ministry/RCIA at 817 478 8206 X 204 or Email to gro.ccpdvsnull@hcirteidm

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