Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of six (6) members and is the advisory council to the pastor.  They oversee the functioning of the staff and make reports and suggestions to the pastor concerning the operation of the parish.  Their mission is to vision the future, suggest a direction for the parish and discuss ideas the pastor brings to them.  This group meets once a month or more often as the current project may require.  The group is appointed by the pastor from nominations made by past and current members of the committee.

If you would like more information or to be involved with the Pastoral Council please contact the church office.


Finance Council

The Finance Council advises the Pastor on the financial position and needs of the parish.  The Council oversees all financial aspects of the operation of the parish.   The council consists of seven (7) to ten (10) members and the Business Administrator.  Members are appointed by the Pastor from nominations made by current members of the council.  One third of the members are new each year, appointed to serve for three years.  The Council meets quarterly to review the previous quarters income vs expenses and discuss needed changes in direction or approve spending on new projects.

Our parish is a Stewardship parish.  We believe that every parishioner, every family member, has been given the gift of Time, Talent and Treasure.  We all have a need to be active in returning a portion of our gift to God and our community.

  • Time is the gift of our lives.  It contains all the elements of how we live our lives.  Daily we need to establish a deeper relationship with God through prayer and participating in Mass; in studying the word;, in enjoying our families.

  • Talent is volunteering in the church and the community to return God’s gift to us of skills and abilities.  We need to use these abilities to support the Mass; helping with religious education; being active in groups that help the sick and needy;  working in the community to support worthy causes.

  •  Treasure is returning to the church and the community a portion of the financial strength God has given to us.

Each year, in the fall, the finance council formulates and presents the annual Stewardship Campaign, an effort to enlighten the parish about the opportunities for the donation of  Time, Talent and Treasure.

If you would like more information or to be involved with the Finance Council please contact the church office.

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