Time, Talent, Treasure


Our parish is a Stewardship parish.  We believe that every parishioner, every family member, has been given the gift of Time, Talent and Treasure.  We all have a need to be active in returning a portion of our gift to God and our community.

  • Time  is the gift of our lives.  It contains all the elements of how we live our lives.  Daily we need to establish a deeper relationship with God through prayer and participating in Mass; in studying the word; in enjoying our families.

  • Talent  is volunteering in the church and the community to return God’s gift to us of skills and abilities.  We need to use these abilities to support the Mass; helping with religious education; being active in groups that help the sick and needy;  working in the community to support worthy causes.

  • Treasure  is returning to the church and the community a portion of the financial strength God has given to us.

Each year, in the fall, the finance council formulates and presents the annual Stewardship Campaign, an effort to enlighten the parish about the opportunities for the donation of  Time, Talent and Treasure.

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