Rite of Christian Initiation adapted for Teens (RCIT):

  • This is a time of discovery and learning about the Catholic faith. Some youth have not had the opportunity to be fully alive in their faith.Some may have been Baptized, some may not have been Baptized. Some have received their sacraments, some have not. These youth come together to learn anew about their faith. In addition to this course, the youth also attend their age appropriate RE class. For example, if a youth is in 10th grade and has been Baptized, but has not received Reconciliation or Eucharist, that student would attend Confirmation Class on the scheduled Sundays along with the RCIT classes on the scheduled Sundays (They do not conflict.) The youth is kept with his peer group for RE but also studies with the RCIT group. The schedule is youth friendly and geared to busy teens. 7-9th graders would do their RE class on Wednesdays and RCIT on Sundays.
  • Youth are welcome and registration is in the fall.
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