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Every web page in this domain represents our best effort to enable Web research by people of all ages who can tolerate a moderate perspective in the Catholic spectrum.

We try to avoid the extremes, both from the left and from the right. But you will probably find some URL collections, with a link or two on them that you won’t like. Such is life!

Remember, too, that every link will not necessarily connect you to a site which can claim to be one hundred percent pure ROMAN CATHOLIC. But that’s the scholarship dilemma: An authentic scholar needs to go beyond absolutes; but how far to go!? YOU will need to make the choices which will define your resolution of the scholarship dilemma. Let your conscience and the spirit of the Lord be your guides.


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General Catholic Information Resources



Theology Library 



A very extensive site aimed at the more serious student of the Catholic faith. A good source of topics, including: Church History, Revelation, Liturgy, Social Teachings, Morality, Spirituality, Evangelization, Theology, Publications, Documents, Articles, Religions of the World, etc.

The Internet Padre: A Roman Catholic Resource on the World Wide Web

Directory of links to Catholic resource sites.

Catholic Information Network (CIN)

CIN’s mission is to offer information on the Catholic faith to all, including the texts of papal addresses and encyclicals, news and other articles as well as to facilitate open discussion on all matters of Catholic life. Be patient, this site takes a while to load.

Catholic Answers
One of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

Catholic Internet Directory
Links to the top 40 Catholic sites as well as links to the NCCB/USCC. Listings for Catholic Newspapers, universities, dioceses, organizations and e-mail.

New Advent Catholic Supersite
Resources here include access to the 1913 edition of Catholic Encyclopedia with more than 11,000 articles on Catholic topics. You can also find the letters, speeches and books from the earliest Christians (Church Fathers).

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Vatican & Papal Sites


The Holy See – Official Vatican Web Site.

Vatican Information Service – The Holy See Press Office.

L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO – The weekly English edition of articles from the Vatican newspaper.Vatican Radio – Programs in 40 different languages. 



CIA – World Factbook page on the Holy See (Vatican City)

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Catholic Conferences of Bishops


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is the organization of the American Catholic hierarchy. Its programs of range over the spectrum of Catholic concerns–from prayers and worship to the state of the economy, from revitalizing parishes to averting nuclear war, from promoting vocations to protecting life at all stages. 

Hierarchy of the Catholic Church
Current and historical information about its bishops and dioceses

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Founded in 1943 and officially recognized by the Holy See in 1948, the CCCB is the national association of Canada’s bishops. Currently the CCCB is active in issues such as: ecumenism, liturgy, Christian education, human rights, social justice in Canada and the Third World, respect for life, synods, relations with the Holy See and with other episcopal conferences.
Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences
The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) is a voluntary association of episcopal conferences in South, Southeast, East and Central Asia, established with the approval of the Holy See. 

Texas Catholic Conference
The Texas Catholic Conference is the statewide association of the Roman Catholic dioceses in Texas. The Conference was established as the fifth State Catholic Conference in 1963 during the Second Vatican Council in Rome. Its primary purpose is to encourage and foster cooperation and communication among the dioceses and the ministries of the Catholic Church in Texas.

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Catholic Young Adult & Youth Sites


Diocesan Young Adult Ministry
Gathers and engages young Catholics between the ages of 18 and 35. They assist in the formation of Young Adult leadership in the diocese and assist in forming communities and opportunities for Young Adults to become involved in the life of the Church. There also are links to a Facebook Page and a Blog.

Diocesan Young Adult Ministry Events Calendar
View the Calendar for a complete list of upcoming events sponsored by the Diocese of Fort Worth and Young Adult Council.
The National Life Teen Program
is an international Catholic ministry that serves the Church and leads teens closer to Christ by providing resources and training that encourage vibrant Eucharistic celebrations and opportunities for teens to grow in their faith.
Youth Ministry Network
discover the many resources available for Catholic Youth Ministry!

USCCB – Subcommittee on Youth & Young Adult Ministry
is a subcommittee of the Committee on the Laity. It assists the bishops to respond to the pastoral needs and concerns of youth and young adults and to foster their participation in the community and mission of the Church.

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Scripture Sites


St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Resources for Bible Study from Scott Hahn.

New American Bible
Searchable New American Bible online.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
- Page One: Bible texts, translations and related texts. Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Gnostica, “Classical” texts, Rabbinica, Church Fathers, papyrological info, linguistic resources, lexica, libraries, publishers.
- Page Two: Biblical Studies, Electronically Published List archives, research projects, reviews, journals, articles electronically published, course material, bibliographies, i.e. searchable bibliographic databases and bibliographies on the Web.
- Page Three: Aspects of the Mediterranean Social World: resources and collections; social-science studies: sociological studies, social antropological: patron-client structures, honor-shame structures, Family structures, bibliographies, archaeology of ancient cultures, including journals, Palestina links, general mediteranean.

Jesus of Nazareth In Early Christian Gospels
The Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have together enjoyed the privileged status of sacred scripture since the late second century when they began to receive the consensus approval of the early catholic church. These four gospels however, were not the only sources of information about Jesus available in early Christian communities. During the last two centuries, archaeologists, NT scholars, and historians of the early church have made considerable progress in recovering many of the lost gospels. This web site is designed to make all the primary texts pertinent to the life of Jesus available to anyone interested. Direct access to all gospels known to have been written within 200 years of Jesus’ birth – every manuscript, in its original language and English translation, in print and online – can easily be obtained here.
The Catholic Biblical Association of America
The purpose of the Catholic Biblical Association is to promote, within a context of faith, scholarly study in Scripture and related fields by meetings of the association, publications, and support to those engaged in such studies.

Biblical Archaeology Sites
An index of websites/sources for the field of Biblical Archaeology

The Hebrew and Christian Bibles: A Comparative Chart
Although the “New Testament” contains the same twenty-seven books for almost all Christians, there are some major and important differences between the “Hebrew Bible” used by Jews and different versions of the “Old Testament” used by various Christian churches and denominations.
The Five Gospels Parallels
This HTML presentation of the Five Gospels is designed to be a teaching tool for introductory level classes in New Testament and Christian Origins. Gospel parallels is a study tool that places the same gospel passage in parallel columns for comparison.
Electronic New Testament Educational Resources – by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.
Introductory Charts, Lists, Glossaries, and other Handouts
Materials on the Four Gospels and the Evangelists
Materials on Acts, Paul, and NT Epistles
Materials on the Book of Revelation and other Apocalyptic Literature

A Basic Vocabulary of Biblical Studies
A definition list of biblical terms.

The Searchable Holy Scriptures
Enter the scripture passage or key words to search up to 16 different translations of the Bible.

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Church History Sites


History of Vatican City

Collections of documents relating to the formation of the papacy as well as Church councils etc.

The St. Pachomius Library
This site seeks to make the literature of the early Christian Church available to all in electronic form. Archiving uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints, etc. A living encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity.

Church History and Historical Theology – Internet Theology Resources
Internet Theology Resources in Church History and Historical Theology from the Clemens Library (College of Saint Benedict) and Alcuin Library (Saint John’s University).
Catholic Archives of Texas
The Catholic Archives of Texas is nationally recognized as one of the most valuable resources for the history of the Catholic Church in the Southwest. Its records span nearly four centuries of development of the Catholic religion in the southwestern region of the United States and Northern Mexico.

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Women’s Studies in Church History Sites


Catholic Perspective on: Women in Society and in the Church

This site is from the Caltech Newman Center (California Institute of Technology), an organization for sharing the Catholic faith and supporting the Catholics of the Caltech community.

Women In Ancient Christianity: The New Discoveries
In the last twenty years, the history of women in ancient Christianity has been almost completely revised. As women historians entered the field in record numbers, they brought with them new questions, developed new methods, and sought for evidence of women’s presence in neglected texts and exciting new findings. This is part of the PBS series From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.

Saints Sites



A 5 minute video glimplse into the life of Vincent de Paul and those he inspired (high speed connectin recommended).

Lives, Times and Words of St. Vincent de Paul and other Exemplary Vincentians

Vincentian Studies Course
A course outline and references for the life of St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul
History of St. Vincent de Paul from Catholic Information Network (CIN).e.

Catholic Online Saints & Angels
A large collection of facts and information concerning Saints and Angels.

Greek Orthodox Calendar of Saints
A Greek Orthodox Calendar of Saints. Includes saints histories and icons.

Fox’s History of Christian Martyrs
“After the Bible itself, no book so profoundly influenced early Protestant sentiment as the ‘Book of Martyrs’.”

James Kiefer’s Christian Biographies
Arranged as a calendar. Click on the saints name to read biography.

Miriam and Aaron: The Bible and Women

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Liturgical Calendar


Daily Catholic Calendar

The Catholic Calendar Web Pages include daily mass readings and mystery of the rosary.

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar
A wonderful page for finding the dates of moveable feasts for a given year. Includes a good deal of research information and history of the Christian calendar.
The Church Year
Church Calendar, Liturgy, Worship, Church History, & Prayer Resources.

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Religious Clipart, Icons & Symbols Sites


Hermanoleon Clipart

A spanish language site with wonderful Catholic clipart for each week of the liturgical year and various other collections of Catholic clipart in color and BW.

Watton Christian Clipart Site
The stated purpose of this site is to provide Christians with a free resource which they might find valuable for Christian work and to glorify the name of Jesus.

ChurchArt Online
A subscription site with a great selection of Christian clipart for all occasions.

Religious Icon and Image Archive
The Religious Icon and Image Archive is a collection of religious, Christian, and United Methodist images and graphics.



OCF Icon Archive
These Orthodox icons are freely available for personal use.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America – Icon Gallery and Clip Art


Symbols of the Four Evangelists

Christian tradition has long connected the authors of the four canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) with the four “living creatures” that surround God’s throne, as described in Rev 4:7.

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Liturgy Sites


Mass Times

Mass times and places around the world. A great resources to check before your next trip out of town!

Sacred Space
We invite you to make a ‘Sacred Space’ in your day, and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer, with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day.

Universalis: The Liturgy of the Hours
The Liturgy of the Hours (also known as the Divine Office) is the richest single prayer resource of the Christian Church. It provides prayers, psalms and meditation for every hour of every day. It has existed from the earliest times, to fulfil the Lord’s command to pray without ceasing.

Southwest Liturgical Conference
Through the sponsorship of an Annual Study Week each January, the SWLC is committed to educational programs and regional workshops which will stimulate the people of God to that “full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations called for by the very nature of the liturgy.” (CSL, 14).

Committee on Divine Worship – US Conference of Catholic Bishops
The Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy is a standing committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Committee has the responsibility in the bishops’ conference for all matters relating to the liturgy.

Order of Saint Benedict: Liturgy Index

Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy
The Center for Pastoral Liturgy is a national resource for worship at the University of Notre Dame to help church leaders and parishes to celebrate God’s presence in church and world and to connect liturgy and life.

Meeting Christ in the Liturgy
Offers reflections on the Gospels of Sunday Masses.

The Catholic Liturgical Library
Provides historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin (Roman) rite of the Catholic Church. Currently this includes the missal of 1975 (Novus Ordo) and the missal of 1962 (Tridentine).

Readings and Psalms for the Month – US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Provides easy access to the scripture readings assigned to particular Sundays and/or Weekdays.

Word on Fire
Fr. Barron’s website launched in 1999 draws over 300,000 visitors a year from every continent. Fr. Barron posts weekly video clips, commentaries and radio sermons and offers an audio archive of over 300 homilies.

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Catholic Documents/Research/References Sites


Resources for Catholic Educators on the Internet
An extensive databank of resources for Catholic catechists, teachers, DRE’s, parents and all involved in the education of the faith.

The Ecole Initiative: Index Page
The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (Ecole) Initiative is a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish a hypertext encyclopedia of early Church history (to the Reformation) on the World-Wide Web.

Easton’s Bible Dictionary
These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. The illustrated portion of the Dictionary is not included here. But you can download and install an HTML version of this dictionary on your computer.

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Online Magazines and Newspapers


America: The National Catholic Weekly
The online weekly Catholic magazine of news, opinion, book reviews and articles for the thinking Catholic and those who want to know what the Catholic people are thinking.

American Catholic Online: Home of St. Anthony Messenger

Catholic News Service
Serving since 1920 as a news agency specializing in reporting religion. It is the primary source of national and world news that appears in the U.S. Catholic press. It is also a leading source of news for Catholic print and broadcast media throughout the world.

Catholic Online
Home of CCN (Catholic Communications Network). The Catholic News Service (CNS), the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) and Catholic Online (COL) have come together to bring this new method of distributing up to date Catholic news. This Web-based video news service is the first of its kind and combines the latest in technology to bring you the latest in news CCN gives you access to: Video U.S. news, International news and People Profiles that are updated daily, Archived video Catholic news, Audio news from the Vatican Information Service, and Text based Vatican Publications.

NCR Online
The National Catholic Reporter Online. Treasuring traditions and eagerly embracing the spirit of renewal characterizes much of Catholicism since the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s and is a hallmark of this newpaper.

Theology Today
a quarterly ecumenical journal of Christian theology, publishes articles on a wide range of classical and contemporary issues in Christian theology by many of the finest theologians working today.

U.S. Catholic Online Magazine
U.S. Catholic is a monthly forum for lay Catholics, covering issues of concern to Catholics in their everyday lives. U.S. Catholic tackles the controversial topics of our times.

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Catholic Prayers


Catholic Prayers – An extensive, well-indexed collection of Catholic prayers.

The Method of Centering Prayer - by Fr. Thomas Keating, O.C.S.O.

Rosary Center
The headquarters of the Rosary Confraternity of the Catholic Church, a world-wide movement of prayer for peace. This site is administered by the Dominican Fathers.

Stations of the Cross

How did the Stations of the Cross begin?

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Marian Sites


The Mary Page
Site is maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio. This is an international center of research and study on the role of Mary in Christian life.

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, Mexico City

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Religious Orders

For a complete listing see: Catholic Religious Orders

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Spirituality Sites


Some spirituality resources/sites:

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Take and Read

Praying from the Jewish Scriptures

Julian of Norwich: Her Showings and Their Contexts

Thomas Merton

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Fort Worth Diocese – Vocation Page 

All of us, as baptized Christians, have a vocation, a call from God to do something special, to be someone special. We are graced by God with gifts and talents to serve God and the Church through a particular lifestyle. Some are called to be Priests, Sisters, Brothers or Deacons; others are called to be husbands, wives, parents or to live a single life. Through prayer and reflection and talking with others we will be able to know God’s call and live out the Gospel in service of others.

Vocation Resource Guide
This Annual Religious Vocation Discernment Guide includes Communities Directory • Web Index • Vocation Discernment Resources • Ask a Question • Opportunities

Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations – US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Information Network’s Vocations Page
Links to discussion forums on vocations and Religious Orders.

The Institute on Religious Life
The Institute on Religious Life is a national organization of bishops, priests, religious and lay persons founded to encourage, support and assist religious to know and treasure the gift of their vocation.

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (CNVS) promotes and assists member programs serving in the United States and throughout the world. We are a resource for people who are discerning a call to volunteer service, are in service, or have returned from service.

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Church Social Teaching & Life Issues


Catholic Worker Roundtable
The Catholic Worker Movement founded by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day in 1933 is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person. Today over 125 Catholic Worker communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and foresaken. Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms.

The Busy Christian’s Guide to Catholic Social Teaching
Summaries of major Catholic social teachings through papal encyclials. Historical time line places teachings in context of the times.

Catholic Social Teaching
Includes not only the encyclical and conciliar documents that are typically considered to be the core texts, but also some key teaching documents issued by national bishops conferences and Vatican congregations, documents which contribute to the ongoing development of Catholic social teaching.
National Catholic Bioethics Center
The National Catholic Bioethics Center is taking advantage of the latest methods and technologies to impress the widest possible audience with the teachings and insight that the Catholic tradition can bring to the field of medicine and the human biological sciences.
Retrouvaille is the name of a program designed to help heal and renew marriages. The word “Retrouvaille”, simply means rediscovery. The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage.

Pro Life Sites


This site’s goal is to be a safe haven for women (and men) who need to find healing and forgiveness from abortion. SafeHaven is an anonymous outlet for you to be honest about your abortion experience; to write letters to your babies and/or to other women who might be considering abortion. It is also a place where you can find others who have been through what you’ve been through. A place to learn about Post-Abortion Syndrome, what it is, how and where to find healing from it.
Natural Family Planning/Couple to Couple League – News Source for the Pro-Life Community
An independent news agency specifically devoted to reporting news that affects the pro-life community.

American Life League (ALL)
ALL is a 501(c)(3) organization co-founded in 1979 by Judie Brown and nine other dedicated pro-life Americans. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life education organization in the United States. ALL is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. It is rooted in pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by what Pope John Paul II called “the culture of death.”

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